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International Minimum Industry Safety Training (IMIST)

IMIST is the International version of the Minimum Industry Safety Training, also an OPITO-approved course, although developed for the global standard for Health and Safety. The course covers all job roles for personnel working in the Oil and Gas Industry across the world. If you wish to use this qualification in the UK, you would need to check if the operator of the vessel / rig you are going to accepts it.

To complete this course, you would need to contact one of our approved Invigilation Centres 柳林宾馆柳花视频磁力链接 在线观看 柳林宾馆柳花视频磁力链接 在线观看 ,未必之恋动漫未删减樱花 未必之恋动漫未删减樱花 ,北原夏美电影在线观看 北原夏美电影在线观看 北原夏美电影在线观看 北原夏美电影在线观看 here. They will arrange access for you by taking payment and organising a date for you to attend their centre to complete the course. As an individual you are not able to complete this course at home. IMIST is available in:

  • English UK
  • English US
  • Danish
  • French
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Vietnamese
  • Thai
  • Bahasa Malaysian
  • Indonesian
  • Kazakh
  • Farsi


The nine modules covered in IMIST are:

  1. Introduction to the Hazardous Environment
  2. Working Safely
  3. Understanding the Risk Assessment Process
  4. Tasks that Require a Permit to Work
  5. Personal Responsibility in Maintaining Asset Integrity
  6. Using Manual Handling Techniques Every Day
  7. Controlling the Use of Hazardous Substances
  8. Knowledge and Processes of Working at Height
  9. Being Aware of Mechanical Lifting Activities


The IMIST standard ensures that workers have the necessary safety awareness and training to reduce risk and ultimately reduce the number of incidents. Significant cost savings and ease of recruitment are also expected, as IMIST will reduce the need to continually repeat and duplicate training.


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